Watch a Short Film by Markus Kublin

Click on the titles below to see the black-and -white original short film "Reservations for Two."

"Frank and Susan are on a first date at an elegant restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, their waiter will be David, Susan’s recently spurned ex-fiancĂ©, who just started working there.
Will Frank win Susan’s heart, or will he just fill up on bread?
With the smug maitre D’ looming over him all the while, David is willing to do anything, from astrophysics calculations to passive-aggressive doodling, to seize his chance to win back Susan’s love – even if it costs him his dignity and his tips."

Rated PG-13
for some fictitious science language, the mention of breasts, and a crudely sketched image of caricature violence.
  • Running time : "Part 1" approx. 6:43.  "Part 2" approx. 6:02
  • Based on Markus' one act play "Waiting for Love," produced in Las Vegas in 2003 as part of the Attitude Cafe short play anthology series.
 Darren Melameth, Lisa Ruud, John Branch, & Bobby Charles Reed
Produced by Ron Mohl,
Written and Directed by Markus Kublin
Copyright 2006, 2009
All Rights Reserved