Monday, November 5, 2012

Galactic Empire

Disney has bought Lucasfilm for a reported $4 billion, with plans to make Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, and 9.  Already, Darth Vader’s helmet is being fitted with mouse ears.

George Lucas will be involved with the new sequels as a consultant, so he still has a chance to ruin them.

It is hard to calculate whether the franchise is really woth $4 billion, making some suspect that Disney executives became the victims of a Jedi mind trick.

With Star Wars becoming a part of the Disney family, Pinocchio finally has a wooden brother in Hayden Christiansen.

Instead of being considered “lame,” Jar-Jar Binks will be reclassified as “wholesome.”

Disney's growing empire has made some nostalgic for the Old Republic.

Disney knows how to handle the storm troopers, since its slate of romantic comedies proves they have plenty of experience with clones.

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